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Dangerous marine life around Koh Samui and Koh Tao


In the waters of the Gulf of Thailand is inhabited by many species of jellyfish, most of them pose no danger to the bather. However, occasionally there occur and deadly members of this family — jellyfish. This jellyfish cylindrical body and a very long blue or blue tentacles (length of tentacles of some species of jellyfish reaches 4-5 meters). In August and October of 2015 near the Islands of Samui and Phangan were registered two fatal accidents with the girls who decided to go swimming at night and saw the presence in the water of this dangerous jellyfish.

If you are going to swim in the sea, pay attention to the coastal strip. If the sand contains up washed up jellyfish, so you should be doubly careful when bathing. As a rule, jellyfish that can sting you, quite visible in the water because of their dark or bright color (transparent jellyfish are not dangerous to the bather). But the situation may be complicated by the agitation of the sea, or opaque because of suspended sand in the water. It is especially dangerous to bathe in the dark.

A burn that occurs after contact with jellyfish tentacles, is extremely painful, resembles an enhanced version of the sting. You may experience a severe allergic reaction, elevation of temperature, swelling lesions, with fever and other symptoms of chemical burns.

Immediately after contact with the jellyfish, you need to take the following measures. Rinse the burn of rastvoronasosa, acidic environment neutralizes the effect of poison. Do not use for washing with pure water, if no vinegar, you can use sea water, however, you must ensure that there are no remaining remnants of the tentacles of jellyfish. Not be amiss to consult a doctor. He will prescribe you special creams that relieve inflammation and prevent the formation of scars. The local Thais after contact with jellyfish use the juice of a creeping plant that grows right on the edge of the beach. Pick the leaves, RUB hands and apply to the burn.

Sea urchins

Sea urchin needle to easily pierce the sole of a man, then break down, remaining in his body and causing severe pain.

If you stepped on a sea urchin, you should consult a doctor. He will give you pain reliever and antihistamines, as well as remove the wreckage of the needle from the site of the damage. The local Thais manage to remove the needles by means of a bottle by placing the bottle around the site of injection and punching from the bottom. It is believed that the needles of the sea urchin, if they are not removed from the feet, over time, vanish without a trace by themselves. But, I think that it is better not to experiment with my health.

Poisonous fish

Fish-Scorpion – has a camouflage coloring, a lot of poisonous thorns. All scorbanova not swim, preferring to stay closer to the bottom. Inhabit coral reefs. This fish is very hard to see and can be accidentally stepped on or touched, receiving a very painful, poisonous sting. However, in the Gulf of Siam there are no deadly varieties.

Lionfish are very passive. That is why they never attack themselves. Colliding with these fish occur through the fault of the person. Careless bather may accidentally hurt her foot when she is resting peacefully among the rocks or corals, and curious divers have nothing to pull their pens to the sea creatures, even if they are very beautiful.

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