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Spent last weekend with relatives in one of the horticulture of the Luga district of the Leningrad region. With great surprise I heard that in the fire pond gardening there…

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Before you have a particular aquarium fish, not be amiss to ask, what conditions are considered optimal for the species: temperature, hardness and acidity of water, the requirements for lighting,…

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Marine aquarium is a great element of the decor of the restaurant
More than 70 % of Earth is covered by water, but today people have only explored less than 10% of the world ocean. Many of us are interested to know…

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The Candiru catfish is the most blood-thirsty fish of the Amazon.

Scary fish inhabited the Amazon. Electric eels Zap 650 volts, the stingrays pierced the victim through tails, piranhas eat just… But all outdid catfish Candiru.

Candiru catfish or vandellia (lat. Vandellia cirrhosa ) in translation from Latin means “freshwater fish”. It is found in the Amazon river and its tributaries. Local residents believe the Candiru is much more dangerous than piranhas. The length of the fish about fifteen inches,however most common Candiru catfish the size of a matchstick. In appearance it is almost transparent and eel-like fish shape.

Growth Candiru are small, no more matches. And to thin that are almost transparent. But the natives, living along the coast of the Amazon, keeps at Bay. However, things to people soma no, he feeds on the blood of fish. When the catfish Candiru feels characteristic stroenie water and the ammonia odor, fish emit when breathing, he realizes that the next move in space like fish gills… That is the hole of a living being, in which you can get. And drink plenty blood…

Catfish Candiru crawls into the slit, is secured to the alien gills with the help of spines on their fins so that it cannot be discarded by any means, and bite through a hole in the fish. From the hole litsarev, which Candiru and saturated. The meal takes half a minute to two. Then fish spread out, both happy. The victim was pleased that she managed so easily and quickly get rid of this nasty parasite, and Candiru – satisfied that was full and thick. After eating catfish grows to fifteen inches.

Not all safely over if the fish happens to get into the human body or any animal that is not a fish.

When, for example, a person commits the process of urination in the murky waters of the Amazon, catfish feel and characteristic stroenie water and the smell of ammonia, which in known quantities contains human urine. Of course, the fish takes the urethra for the gills and a thin snake get out there.

Could advise people who find themselves for whatever reason in the waters of the Amazon, not to urinate in the river, but it will be a useless recommendation. After all, the Candiru catfish can penetrate and anus… Only salvation is a wooden underpants, light and durable. The natives carved them out of coconuts. They protect the genitals and reduce human mortality.

But if you’re not going to use protection when you log in to Amazon, the catfish will swim right up to the bladder.

And will be in a deadlock.

The tragedy is that man’s presence there Candiru is causing terrible suffering, and Candiru in man a hard time. Because inside the human body can not live, but it is also impossible to climb out. Because catfish are in person quite by accident, without malice, as a result of the fatal misunderstandings.

In the end, take the catfish Candiru is possible only with surgery. In that case, if the operation is not spend on time – people die.

The same Candiru catfish, accidentally swim into the human, always dying.

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