Low-fat fish diet - menu, reviews
Lean fish has long belongs to the category of healthy food, as eating it regularly together with vegetables, to gain weight will be impossible. Fish for low-fat diets are useful…

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The Candiru catfish is the most blood-thirsty fish of the Amazon.
Scary fish inhabited the Amazon. Electric eels Zap 650 volts, the stingrays pierced the victim through tails, piranhas eat just... But all outdid catfish Candiru. Candiru catfish or vandellia (lat.…

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The beauty of the underwater world of the red sea

Red sea (Arabian Gulf), which is a magnet for divers of all countries, has a diverse flora and fauna.

There are about four hundred species of fish and about eight hundred other representatives of the animals. The absolute majority lives in the southern coastal shallows. A third of them live in the Red sea. Until 1869, the opening of the Suez canal, endemic species were much more, but since then the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean and red seas were mixed.

Both on the surface and in depth (over 2800 meters) in the Red sea water has the same temperature. Up to +44° C, which was recorded in 1964. It is not only the warmest, but is also the most salty sea in the world. In one liter of water contains about forty grams of salts.

Coral reefs stretch along almost the entire coast of Egypt and are one of the most beautiful spectacles on the planet. In the Red sea does not flow into the river that make the water turbid so it is crystal clear. Corals may be the most fanciful shapes, and all colors and shades.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, they only retain live specimens. After the death of the coral soft living tissues go, and remains white limestone skeleton. Perhaps this is the secret of good preservation of the reefs, and not only in prohibitions. To take samples or to destroy the reefs is prohibited by law. In addition, Strekalov able to leave a harmless, but painful wounds on the hands of swimmers.

Coral reefs become a haven for a host of fish, which are always pleasing to the eye variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Here you can see the fish-butterfly. echinoderms sea cucumber, fish-mullet, fish-Napoleon fish-clown fish-angel. The Red sea also live bottlenose Dolphin, several species of gray Dolphin, killer whale, octopus, and incredibly beautiful green turtle.

But among the inhabitants of the reef there are also some pretty dangerous types. For example, the hammerhead shark. which reach large size. It is believed that off the coast of Egypt they are few, as the area is located in the waters of Sudan. However, in the Red sea is home to ten species of sharks, and forget about it.

The reefs of the red sea are considered to be the Mecca of divers, but in every Paradise has its demons. In muddy water Moray eel or Barracuda might take the diver for big fish and try to attack. Both the predator is not venomous, and their sizes are for life not dangerous. However, they are able to cling to the death in person, and lacerations can cause severe bleeding. In addition, to unclench the jaw of the Moray is very difficult.

Sea snakes per person not hunting. But ambushes in the dense vegetation that surrounds coral reefs. The poison acts very slowly, the bather may have time to seek medical help. But some species of sea snakes, it is much more toxic than the king Cobra.

No less dangerous bottom feeders. Sea urchins are not aggressive, but has poisonous needles that can cause temporary paralysis. The injections are very painful, like fish-Zebra. It is especially dangerous for people with heart problems. Its venom causes arrhythmias and gangrene at the injection site. It is better not to swim to the side, she attacks instantly.

Painful burns cause many molluscs, jellyfish and species of starfish called “crown of thorns”. Deadly can be electric Stingray or sting ray. Of all these species, only a cone snail can kill a person. In any case, they cannot pick up, they immediately respond by hitting the spike. It will cause excruciating pain, paralysis of the respiratory or cardiovascular systems. It is believed that half of the cases ends with the death of a person.

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