Sea animals. Amazing fish manta ray
About the sea, about travel, about the deep sea and its creatures, and our fantasies In the ocean lives a wonderful fish Stingray - Stingray manta ray. The manta ray…

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Aquarium fish in the house
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Fauna of the Mediterranean sea
The Mediterranean sea is a part of the ancient Tethys ocean, with an area of 2.5 million square kilometers; the volume of water in the sea is about 3.8 million…

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Aquarium The Planet Neptune, St. Petersburg

The Oceanarium occupies an area of 5000 square meters on which there are 33 aquariums that more than 1.5 million liters of water. The largest aquarium contains about 750 thousand liters of water, and the smallest – 300 liters.

The exposition of the Oceanarium has more than 4,5 thousand copies of living organisms, among them fish, aquatic invertebrates and marine mammals belonging to almost 150 species.

At the aquarium of the exposition presented in the form of sections:

Fishes of fresh waters of the North-West

From this area begins the exposition. At the entrance are the inhabitants of the North-West. Nearly a third of all fish ponds of the North-West is cyprinid – 22. Several species of sturgeon. The exhibition will give the opportunity to see various fishes of the North-West of Russia.


In this zone, the assembled representatives of freshwater and brackish water fish fauna from different geographical regions. Unites them is that they live in humid tropical forests. Here are such unique creatures, like piranhas, fish-dragons, freshwater stingrays,bryzguny, discus, several species of prawns and other exotic species.

Rocky shore

In this zone there is a cave where you could feel the immense power of the sea. At the entrance to the area you can see the fish-anglerfish, sea stars, bamboo sharks, crabs hermit crabs, stingrays and flatfish. Here you can view the stingrays.

The main aquarium

The volume of the main aquarium 750 thousand liters. Russia’s only underwater tunnel with a length of 35 meters with a moving walkway is at a depth of 3 meters underwater. From inhabitants of the underwater world of the spectator separates the acrylic glass thickness 8 cm.

In the Main tank 23 live sharks, in addition to them, in a secluded cave morays hiding in the shade of flat corals during the day sleep off nocturnal predators groupers, giant groupers. Fish pilots escorted the largest shark-male, nicknamed “Pirate”.

Coral reef

In aquariums this zone you can see rare exotic fishes, underwater thickets of waving corals of improbable colouring, sea anemones and clown fish.

Marine mammals

In this area there are three seal – Crazy – from the word “smart” because she was very smart. Dasha and Gosha.

In the Oceanarium every visitor can witness the show with exclusive water inhabitants

“Show shark” fascinates with its danger, uniqueness and professionalism of the diver-trainer.

Show with sharks is held daily at 19:00 (except Monday)

“The seal show” is not just the marine mammals perform complex tricks under the guidance of coach, it’s a real spectacular, beautiful and emotional theatrical spectacle that leaves no one indifferent.

The seal show is held daily (except Monday) at 11:30 and 16:00

The indicative schedule of feedings exotic inhabitants of the Aquarium

The Candiru catfish is the most blood-thirsty fish of the Amazon.
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Water change in the aquarium
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