AQUARIUM fish: compatibility of species
This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a proper and healthy maintenance of fish at home. It is important to know that only in brackish or freshwater…

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Miniature shark masterfully produces sashimi of big white relatives
White sharks ( Carcharodon carcharias ), as one of the most feared predators of the planet, a long time ago stand on the top of the food chain. However, it…

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Aquarium fish
Beautifully decorated aquarium with clear water, various plants, colored aquarium fish that will decorate any room and will complement the interior of the room. Breeding aquarium fish is a very…

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Articles about aquarium fish

Bloodsucking catfishes: What we know about them?

The mankind has stepped into the 21st century, but still little is known about the so-called blood-sucking som. There are many stories of eyewitnesses about the attack on the person, but are they truthful? To understand this, it might help to this article.


Today we’ll talk about another protozoal disease of aquatic organisms-trihomoniaza. The causative agent of this disease is a parasitic form grupolasnenas ciliates of the genus Urceolariidae. Under favorable conditions, ciliates reproduce rapidly, settle on the skin and gills, which subsequently causes mass mortality of fish.

Methods of treatment of ick in fish

In modern fisheries, the diversity of aquatic organisms, entails a complication of the ecological and epizootic situation in a particular biotope (the aquarium, razvojni, rybokompleks.) Therefore, the main direction of ihtiopatologice is the prediction of possible diseases and development of preventive measures. The science of fish diseases is called ichthyopathology. Ihtiopatologice examines the causes of the disease, peculiarities of their existence and spread, methods of prevention and treatment.

Feeding Koi, goldfish and other fishes of the carp family (part 3)

In diet of carp fishes water is a very important place. Than it is cleaner, it is best for them. Optimal temperaturoi in the cultivation of common and ornamental carp (koi) must be 23-30° C.

Feeding koi, goldfish and other fishes of the carp family (part 2)

Koi, goldfish, however, like all mammals, need vitamins. Water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins to warm-blooded animals ― identical to those that consume fish. To obtain maximum quantities of physiological doses use different technologies of mixing, as well as hot air drying and

Feeding Koi, goldfish and other fishes of the carp family (part 1)

The vast majority of people believe that they have a sufficiently clear idea about proper nutrition and healthy food, although not always use this knowledge. This awareness occurs sometimes intuitive, but often is the experience of a lifetime. You can expand the horizons of human knowledge and learn to feed our little brothers-animals: cats and dogs, sometimes offering them something they consumed themselves.

Black box koi

About breeds koi, written numerous articles, handbooks and encyclopedias. But what you will see on opening the received box? Consider the most popular positions price lists of our suppliers Karpov from Singapore, Israel and Thailand.

KOI and spring troubles

Spring is the favorite season for many fans of pond fish. Air temperature at night in Moscow and the region rarely drops below zero degrees, and the sun in the morning often makes us happy with its warmth. Spring is nice because the flowers are himself to us in all its glory, dressed in a bright multicolored outfits, and pond fish awake from their winter sleep to give the pleasure of communicating with them. At this time, the owners of garden ponds begin to spend more time on the water, preparing their ponds for the summer season.

The origin of goldfish

The most terrible and unusual fish
Rare and unusual creatures of the sea bottom. In the seas and oceans live the most unusual and alien beings on Earth. And some of them look very scary. Fish-frog.…


What sharks live in the Black sea?
The fauna of the Black sea is markedly poorer than the Mediterranean sea. In the Black sea is home to 2.5 million species of animals (including 500 single-celled species, 160…