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Marine aquariums

The ocean. Its limitless expanse excite and beckon and uncharted depths simultaneously frighten and fascinate. It was here millions of years ago life appeared. Resting on the red, or any other tropical sea, you’ll want to bring a piece of primeval indescribable beauty of the underwater splendor is home? Find a place and make a saltwater aquarium in my apartment.

What is marine aquarium

It’s an underwater world, where everything you see, enjoying life. Fish, plants, invertebrates. And even the stones. Yes, the stones also live here, of course, this requires professional care. Decided to put this miracle at home? Then meet with the marine aquarium closer.

Complexity of content marine aquariums

The content of marine aquariums compared to freshwater, is much more expensive. And it’s not so much the equipment cost, the cost of landscape elements and

the inhabitants, in many price mistakes that you will make. Judge for yourself:

the cost of fish and plants is much higher, because they get thousands of miles away;

the equipment used is much more complicated, higher cost;

the inhabitants are much more demanding of their environment;

requires continuous skilled nursing care.

Classificatio the complexity and types of inhabitants

You are not frightened by difficulties? It’s time to learn that in the complexity of marine aquariums are divided into categories:

small tanks-ponds – is, as a rule, small aquariums with small species (abudefduf, clowns, chrysiptera, gazzilli, etc.)

“swimming pool” with large predators (Moray eels, Scorpion fish, lionfish, triggerfish, etc.);

the aquariums of mixed type (angelfish and butterfly fish get along well with tube coral, shrimp, starfish, etc.);

the waters of the “coral reef”.

About the last I want to tell you more. After all, they are the most colorful and fascinating.

The capacity of coral reef aquarium should be at least 300-400 litres. It is the realm of invertebrates, primarily corals, diverse marine molluscs, urchins, stars, etc. are hard Corals (reef-forming) and soft.

Aquarium with hard corals amazing riot of colors and diversity of wildlife. Water worlds with soft corals on the contrary, create a cozy world of harmony, undulating swaying plants and are striking in their absolute similarity to original. In aquariums with soft corals can be kept larger fish.

How to build a saltwater aquarium

First, determine the installation location of the aquarium, as well as its size. As a primer you will need coral sand and coral chips. For modeling landscape needs living stones. They are an ecological community consisting of many protozoa. Live rock, coral skeletons, decorations made of synthetic materials will hide you installed the equipment.

Very important indicators of water quality, which is prepared by dissolving special dry mix. In a reef biological systems required the presence of a good system of filtration and regeneration.

Price and maintenance cost

Experts attribute the cost of the aquarium with the size of its capacity and announce the price to$ 100 for 10l of volume. Naturally, if you are going to build, then reduce this figure by more than twice. The aquarium service company will cost you approximately 200$/month for 400l volume. Care warranty is still 20% more.

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