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How to care for aquarium fish

You have prepared the aquarium for fish? Now urgently purchase livestock for him!

Simple rules for those who have not chosen fish: selecting fish, consider their conditions:

some species are thermophilic, while others, like cool;

consider the features of their feeding; well-learn all about the nature of each type of fish;

ideally, they should be friendly with each other and get along well;

don’t settle people calm fish together with “predators”, and very small fish with large ones. Otherwise, your tank will be empty soon;

do not buy exotic species of fish. They are too demanding in terms of accommodation, do not waste my days in the satisfaction of their whims, they still will not please.

How healthy small aquarium or large fish. can be identified by their behavior and appearance. If they feel fine, the abdomens of the fish will be firmer, the scales dense, transparent fins, and movements energetic.

First of all, you must read and study the most important rules of caring for a graceful inhabitant of aquariums. Because it is very differ from each other in terms of caring for different types of akvariumnyh. Daily care for the fishes – that’s the first rule of care. Temperature control of water in the tank, check the filters and clean operation of compressors – required minimum, which you should do every day.

Pour settled water into the aquarium as needed – a necessary condition for fish in the Kingdom had to offer. Smokers have to give up their addiction, because the ingress of smoke into the room where the aquarium is located, can cause irreparable harm to the health of aquarium inhabitants.

Do not overfeed the fish, otherwise they will start in obesity. They suffer from this failure in metabolism. Moreover, obesity shortens their lives and disturbs the process of reproduction. The rate of food for fish about this: if they eat food within seven minutes, and then on the surface of the water you found his remains, the excess should be immediately removed. Fish enough to feed once, and the fry twice a day.

Now a few words about diet. Feed certain species of fish suitable type of feed. It can be a dry mixture of Daphnia, duckweed or bloodworm. Now at any pet store will tell you and will pick diverse types of animal feed, which will significantly simplify the care of your fish. Do not limit fish diet with purchased feed. Sometimes try giving them crushed flakes of oatmeal, minced meat or salad leaves. Believe me, they will eat them with pleasure.

If you decide to purchase an aquarium in the winter time, you won’t regret it for a second. Because the aquarium in the winter – it’s so cute! Outside the window the cold and the wind, and you have a home little the tropics, without the wind whistling and the eerie drafts, rich variety of colors and interesting life. Yes and aquarium care is so unassuming that even the laziest of all lazy people. Let leisurely and graceful inhabitants of aquariums for many years set you in a positive way, calm and dazzle!

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