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Predatory fish in the fall – Altai Angler

With the onset of autumn, after a hot summer — the fish are finally activated. The temperature in the reservoirs is greatly reduced and predatory fish often comes out of their hiding places to feed. Winter is not far off, and so the fish in the ponds is obliged to feed heavily. Predatory fish autumn draws closer to shore, where it hunts down its prey in small fish and it is actively attacking. It’s no secret that the best time of year for hunting predatory fish. pike, perch, Zander and many other species, for anglers comes the crucial moment. In the autumn days is to catch a big one more chance. At this time a large predator is ready to take almost any type of lures. To dial to the required freezing the fat causes the fish desperately and CIP to throw on various baubles, wobblers, jig — bait.

Some of the most widespread predators on the territory of Russia, are: perch, pike, Zander. Anglers often aim to catch large specimens of these fish. Therefore, a brief description of catching of predatory fish in the fall, we’ll tell you in this article.


As you know — pike, one of those kinds of predators which is considered to be the most bloodthirsty in fresh water rivers. She is ready to attack the victim for almost half of the long hunters and masitala. For example pound “toothy” able without any difficulty to rush to the rush for fish 300 — 400 gram, and this is particularly evident in the autumn. So, before you go fishing for pike, you should have in your Arsenal of big baits . Have experienced many types of lures, but the best of them have proven themselves — a vibrating lure. Moreover, in bright and clear days, work best lures — copper and brass flowers add a bright red hairs. In cloudy and rainy days, the best spinners of silver color, it color, dark spots or stripes.

As a small fish trying to stay in the coastal zone, and pike to be found precisely in such places. It is best to fish for pike from a boat. Throw the anchor at depth and to do transaction with the banks, more small areas, the depth. Very often, a big pike grabs the bait in the fall near the coastal zone.

The size of the fish in the fall, may even exceed desired results. And as you know, even strong fishing line, to eat — pike will not be easy. Therefore, be sure to use a strong leash, unless you want to leave yourself without the desired trophy and annoying disappointments.


Most anglers, when fishing for perch using method fishing on a jig. But this is not surprising. It is known that jig lures for walleye work best. But not worse in this case and the cranks show their results, in some cases – plugs work much better than the jig — bait.

Zander, autumn stays at great depths and only at a certain time goes on the shallow parts of the riverbanks to hunt small minnows and roach. If in summer the time — out perch can be seen in the morning and evening a short time ( from 30 to 50 minutes ), then in autumn it can successfully catch in the daytime. And of course there is exceptions, when the perch, and often small up to 1 kg can be caught during the daylight hours.

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