AQUARIUM fish: compatibility of species
This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a proper and healthy maintenance of fish at home. It is important to know that only in brackish or freshwater…

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Cold-water and warm-water species of aquarium fish - goldfish aquarium and its inhabitants
A huge number of articles written about aquarium fish, but the relevance of this topic does not disappear from day to day. Every day there are all new fans. Beautiful…

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Aquarium The Planet Neptune, St. Petersburg
The Oceanarium occupies an area of 5000 square meters on which there are 33 aquariums that more than 1.5 million liters of water. The largest aquarium contains about 750 thousand…

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Types of carnivorous aquarium fish

Though the content of predators and is much more complicated than peaceful fish, many aquarists prefer them. But why? Look at the most popular types of carnivorous aquarium fish and their characteristics.

To observe large predatory fish on the hunt much more interesting than a flock of peacefully grazing small fish. In an aquarium with predators is not uncommon passions, like over territory and over females. Many species of predatory aquarium fish is dangerous not only for neighbors in the aquarium, but even for his master.

Carnivorous species aquarium fish require special attention and I close compliance of conditions of detention. All the predators – the big fish they need an aquarium that is at least 100 liters, and even more. The size of the aquarium depends directly on the size to which fish will grow. It is necessary correctly to pick up a live feed or a surrogate. Not enough well-fed fish are prone to excessive aggression even with his. To observe the habits of predators at feeding time is especially fun. To overfeed predators cannot. Rotting uneaten food can poison the aquarium inhabitants.

New aquarists, not read much about the compatibility of aquarium fish , often make the same mistake.Choose to their first fish as a rule, guppies or neon . as new neighbors carnivorous beauties. In the next few days the number of small fish in the aquarium is sharply reduced . The fact that the nature of small neons are the natural food for carnivorous species aquarium fish .

Among the family Cichlidae, many peaceful fish and predatory lot. Angelfish and astronotus known for its feisty temper and intolerance of neighbors with veiltail fins. They attack not only on small fish, but can fight even with siblings.

Formed a pair of astronotus best to give the entire aquarium. But in their character of not only aggression. They also love to move furniture in your aquarium. Astronotus remember their master, they can Pat and feed. Bright personality coupled with a bright color have made these a favorite fish for many aquarists. Another characteristic of astronotus – they can jump out of the aquarium, hunting for insects. If the tank is not closed by the cover, once you can discover your pet on the floor.

Many species of predatory aquarium fish species prefer a tank without outsiders. But if it is possible to choose the neighbors to predators very carefully. It should be fish at least proportionate. What you can fit in the mouth of the predator will be eaten. Better if the predators and their neighbors will live in different water layers and do not interfere with each other.

Aquarium pike is an unusual kind of predatory fish. These charming Pets are tireless hunters. But all the time they spend in the upper water layer, therefore it is possible to successfully hold together with large chain mail of the catfish.

But piranhas will not tolerate any neighbors as snakeheads. These fish are so aggressive that they can attack even lactating hand, if it has small rank. Even the fish are of large size do not fit in the mouth of the aggressor, will be torn to pieces by sharp teeth.

Fish spotted Indian knife grows to 30 cm in length in the tank about 150 liters. Males Indian knife fighting desperately among themselves, causing injury. But with such large fish like discus fishes, astronotus, catfish, barbs, Indian knife can get along well. To teach for a peaceful neighborhood fish is necessary from childhood. Adult principles of dorms available.

The biggest aquariums in the world
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Directory of aquarium fish and invertebrates
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