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Aquarium fish

Beautifully decorated aquarium with clear water, various plants, colored aquarium fish that will decorate any room and will complement the interior of the room. Breeding aquarium fish is a very fun activity and it demands certain knowledge in this area.

Which aquarium is better?

Practice proves that the most user-friendly aquariums made of glass on a metal frame. Usually they are rectangular and elongated, and the height should be, as a rule, above the width by one third.

Before buying an aquarium you need to determine the size of the tables and the place where he will stand. This need for better use of space in the room. The average capacity of the aquarium ranges from twenty-five to two hundred liters. The larger the capacity, the greater the number of fish and algae can be placed, and the absence of overpopulation will have a positive impact on the biological equilibrium.

The aquarium is set on a flat surface, but not on the windowsill, as excess sunlight promotes algal blooms. You cannot move or already moving a container filled with water. If it is necessary, first drain the water and then move.

How to start a new aquarium?

Before you fill a new aquarium, you need to wash it with room temperature water and then fill and let settle for three or five days. After that, drain the water, rinse, and toltottem to put on the bottom of sand, pebbles and planting.

The plants are best placed around the perimeter of the far wall and sides. In order not to blur the sand, enclose a saucer, and pour water.

To start aquarium fish in the “pond room” you better not immediately, dropped the seaweed, and after about three or five days, the plants are rooted in soil. For the first time in new aquariums, the water often becomes cloudy, but in the future the bacteria that cause it, infusoria are destroyed, and the sludge settles. Occurs biological water cleaning.

The most exotic fish require a water temperature higher than room, therefore, for heating the water in the aquarium bulbs are used with reflector. And to follow the changes in the water temperature, use an aquarium thermometer .

Which fish can be kept in the home aquarium?

For keeping in the home aquarium will suit the following species:

viviparous — swordtails, guppies, mollies, platys;

labyrinth — dwarf gourami, males, makropody, gourami;

barbs — black, fire, sumatranusy, cherry, etc.;

goldfish and their varieties — the comet, telescopes, livingonlove, the veiltail.

How to feed aquarium fish?

Fish are good to eat only in oxygen-rich, clean water and at a certain temperature for a particular type of inhabitants. They are easy to feed, using ready-made fish food. sold in pet stores.

Dry food is better to use poured in floating feeders – glass rings or rings of foam. Such devices do not provide a bleed and feed not eaten the excess, and then can be easily removed with the help of the net, wound up under the bird feeder.

Feeders for Tubifex and bloodworms (live food) are floating containers with holes through which feed falls into the fish tank. Another live food – Daphnia and Cyclops (floating in the water column), before feeding their Pets, washed with water and separated from the General mass of the dead crustaceans.

In the system of feeding of aquarium fish is best to alternate the range of food. To feed fishes have at one and the same time and in a certain place of the aquarium.

The aquarium hobby is not easy, but quite interesting exercise, which requires the owner of a “water world” of great responsibility.

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