Activities - diving - Mauritius
Mauritius island, surrounded by the third largest coral reef in the world. The temperature of the air. In summer 30 +degrees Celsius with humidity of 80%. Winter warm 23 degrees…

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Aquarium fish - House of Friends
One of the few Pets that require from the owner of the minimum of attention, are aquarium fish. They are not annoying, do not litter and do not bite your…

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Sharks are color blind At the University of Queensland examined the eyes of the shark and came to the conclusion that those deprived of color vision. The research object of…

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Pisces – Your underwater world

A beautiful inhabitant of the water, killer Whale

These beautiful creatures are already protected and are in the red book. This type of dolphins has been the exclusive representative of its kind. Their size and weight reach huge values. Since they are carnivorous, you need to be wary of such predators. His prey killer whales are mostly large flesh.

Goldfish – symbol of good luck

The fish is a symbol of good luck and spiritual achievements in the cultures of different peoples. Nor can we forget the famous “goldfish”, which has realized desire. Many people believe that the suspension in the shape of a fish is a strong talisman that can attract luck to its owner. Pendants in the shape of a fish are very different. For example, you can choose.


Cichlids are considered a pretty big family, which unites several dozen genera of fish found mainly in tropical fresh waters of Africa and America. Currently studied and described about 1,300 species of cichlids, and when you consider undescribed, is 1900. Therefore, they are recognized.

Catfish shifter

Catfish the shifter belongs to the family mochokidae, and the birthplace of it is considered to be Africa, where it occurs in the Congo basin. Length shifters can reach up to 10 cm, they live in preseived, and belong to the group of predatory fish. Length females up to 8-9 cm, males up to 6 cm back catfish lighter than.

Diseases of aquarium fish

The disease affected only aquarium fish, in natural conditions they, like all representatives of fauna are subject to natural selection. Sick fish will not have time to Dodge the predator and prey will be eaten by other fish or caught the bird. Thus, nature controls the development of all kinds.


Garra rufa is a small fish from 3-10 cm in length, belongs to the family Cyprinidae and dwells in the waters of the Middle East. The uniqueness of this fish revealed only in the beginning of the last century. Happened this discovery in Turkey, when two brothers found a hot spring, in which lived thousands of small fish. As soon as they.

Which fish to get?

The decisive factor for the institution of a particular type of fish is not so much the cost, space and allocated space for the aquarium, but the size of the aquarium. The fishes need to create a comfortable state, so they can bring you joy from its existence. Determine in advance what types of fish are available for you, make a list of those fish which you find most attractive, and which you would like to keep. It is possible that on this.

What fish to choose?

Some fans kept in aquariums even earthen fish. French Explorer, geographer Gilbert, Davril-Prize in 1966 became the first European who saw this fish. In the basin of the Rio de Nada, Sierra Ninguna, Colombia, in his eyes this fish dug up from the earth his guide.

Suborder clonevalue (antennarioidei)

This family is represented by only one form of chaunax (Chaunax pictus), living at depths of 200— 500 m in the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. From the sea of clowns chaunax different round body, position the Gill openings behind the pectoral fins. The whole body of this fish is covered with spines.

Do the benefits of aquarium fish
Any person may be a legitimate question, but is there any benefit from keeping an aquarium? The answer lies in the fact that he wants to get as this benefit.…


Activities - diving - Mauritius
Mauritius island, surrounded by the third largest coral reef in the world. The temperature of the air. In summer 30 +degrees Celsius with humidity of 80%. Winter warm 23 degrees…